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The Warriors broke the hearts of Knicks fans when they picked him at No. 7. Seemingly panicked, Walsh opted for project big man Jordan Hill, who, now with the Lakers, still hasn't live up to his draft slot.

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The 2006 pick turned out to be LaMarcus Aldridge. The 2007 pick was Joakim Noah. Both bigs blossomed into All Stars. (In fairness, the Bulls made an awful deal sending Aldridge to the Blazers getting back Tyrus Thomas and a few nobodies.)

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Because of the widespread corruption and bureaucracy within the government of Nepal, international donors like DFID have channelled their money into the big NGOs and UN agencies to deliver their programmes.

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Financial Engines provides online advice to participants of some of the largest 401(k) plans in the country. It has signed on 146 of the Fortune 500 companies to help their employees, according to the firm.

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To establish whether a breast cancer has spread, the best method is to examine "sentinel" lymph nodes - but identifying these nodes previously relied on injecting radioisotopes, which then collect in the sentinel nodes. That makes these biopsies complex, expensive procedures and many patients instead have up to 30 lymph nodes removed, which brings other health risks.

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