Whether you’re jetting off to the Canaries or pootling down to Cornwall, your kids will need entertaining for approximately 99.9 per cent of the trip. And, after the 32nd straight game of I-Spy, you’ll be wishing you’d just stayed at home.

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Because if I’m honest, it’s starting to grate a little. Having to sit here watching people who spent the last five years lecturing us all in their smug, pretentious, self-righteous way about how we didn’t get it. That the country was changing. And politics was changing. And the world was changing. And that the revolution was just a late night dash to Shoreditch away.

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The club has to reinforce in the summer because they have been too close to the drop these past few years. Advocaat deserves the chance to build a team and perhaps look to mentor a young manager to take over in the future. But for now they should enjoy their survival – it is a magnificent achievement.

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If the government defaults on its loans, it risks cutting off its liquidity from the European Central Bank (ECB), which is keeping both the banks and the government afloat. The banks are reliant on 80bn in emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) which the ECB allows them to draw from the Greek central bank.

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The Clinton White House wanted encryption in the hands of Americans -- not foreigners. And it wanted spies and cops to be able to break that encryption and listen in on private communications whenever they wanted.

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“When sleep is reduced, so is the body’s ability to carry out these functions. The study showed significant results over a period of just five days, yet the reality is many people are sleeping in this manner for weeks, months and even years, leading to long term consequences for their looks and how they feel about themselves.”

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The Leafs were not projected in the final mix of teams pursuing Babcock after the 52-year-old was granted permission to explore the market for his services before his contract with the Red Wings expired.

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At best, we are likely to see more public international condemnation of the North's provocations and perhaps, as US Secretary of State John Kerry has recently hinted, a reporting of the North to the International Criminal Court in the face of its worsening human rights record.

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Since no top-10 list would be complete without an entry that made it on looks, SUNY included a photogenic blue, red, and gold sea slug from Japan. More than a pretty face, it could shed light on how algae in a sea slug's gut produce nutrients for the slug out of corals it eats.

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Daron Dylon Wint, 34, did not commit a "random" crime and may have worked for Savvas Savopoulos, the slain 46-year-old CEO of a construction company, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters.

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Without 60 votes, “you can either try to pursue a coalition,” he said, or “basically just say we’re going to go off in our respective corners and everybody can spend their time looking for rotten fruit to throw at the other person.”

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One of the best things you can do is to offer help or expertise immediately. For example, you can write that you'd be more than happy to introduce them to people in your network. If you do this, make sure you stay true to your word when they ask for your help, and do it promptly. This will inspire them to help you again in the future.

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"As a consumer representative body, AIMSI is alarmed that women, families and the public at large will not be able to have access the findings of an independent report into repeated failures at the Midlands Regional Hospital until the report meets the approval of the HSE."

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And in another decade's time, machine learning might be just advanced enough to write for us, in a style based on our best work, making us sound articulate and intelligent when we're still fumbling for the coffee.

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But while the response to the event itself was small, as soon as pictures of the girls riding bikes were shared online, they were met with a wave of rage - mostly from men who were sharing the photos with captions along the lines of: "This is what this war has brought."

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Yamal LNG will be Russia's second plant to produce liquefiednatural gas (LNG) when it is completed. Total investments in theproject stand at $27 billion, of which shareholders expect toget $10-$15 billion from Chinese banks.

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Ms Kendall has also won the backing of former minister Pat McFadden, who said she best understood that "Labour wins when it gives a positive, hopeful, optimistic story of the country's future as well as just collecting a set of causes and grievances".

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"Yes I am in a tribe. But we don't have any of this honour killing nonsense. I enrolled my daughter into school myself. We are knowledgeable. We are a family that believes in democracy. Would any father do anything like this to his daughter?

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Part of the reason that euro gains will be limited is a veryaccommodative monetary policy stance by the European CentralBank. Earlier this week, board member Benoit Coeure said thecentral bank would accelerate the pace of money printing to buygovernment bonds over the next two months.

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The new vessel, the fourth ship in the Star Clippers fleet, is expected to launch mid-2017. It will supersede the line's flagship Royal Clipper, which carries 227 passengers and is currently the largest square-rigged passenger ship.

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The 11th-hour refusal by Ukraine's then president to sign the EU pact in Vilnius brought pro-Western protesters onto Kiev's Maidan square. That led to a bloody revolt which Russia denounced as a fascist coup and used to justify taking Crimea and supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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British social workers were preparing to fly to Turkey to intervene, but it then emerged that Mr Malik and Mrs Kiran were planning to leave for Moldova. Why they chose Moldova remains unclear - although the small country lies across the Black Sea from Turkey.

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“He has to run the show as he sees fit and have a good close working relationship with the captain. I have got to help him to do what he needs to do. I am there to help and support him and look a bit more strategically and long term in our planning. If we have that situation we can co-exist quite happily.

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The bill requires that the Fed evaluate bank holding companies with assets of $50 billion to $500 billion for enhanced capital, liquidity, and leverage requirements. All banks with assets of more than $50 billion are now subject to that level of supervision.

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“Denying it or refusing to deal with it undermines our national security,” Obama said. "Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. We need to act and we need to act now."

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"People in Lebanon, they think about the United States as an evil country that wants to conquer all the world," he says. "When I go to Lebanon I talk to my friends and they ask me how is America, how were the people over there, and what I say is that America is not what you think.

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O'Donnell hopes that even if a right-to-die law isn't successfully passed in her lifetime, it will happen within her daughter's lifetime. "She'll know that from that moment on, that nobody else is going to have to suffer the way she saw me suffer," O'Donnell told KABC. "And then she'll know that it was all worth it."

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A method known as navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) has been gaining importance in neurosurgery for some time now. Among other applications, it is used to map brain tumors before an operation ...

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Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of a full blown Jerome K Jerome moment. This is one of the most glorious experiences of my entire life – bobbing (uselessly) in the middle of the Thames – a vast expanse of water and wildlife in the middle of millions of people. I can see the great mirrored buildings of the City beyond Putney Bridge, and buses are tiny in the distance. Rather than the roar of traffic I can hear the sound of hundreds of birds.

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Community pharmacy body Pharmacy Voice said: "Community pharmacy minor ailment services are commissioned locally, and there is no national service in England. It is not possible to say exactly which medical conditions are covered nor who might be eligible for any medicines free of charge because this will vary depending on the location and the particular service."

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Their eventual decision depends, they say, on what change in the relationship David Cameron manages to negotiate - and that may well depend on what they and others argue, in political cabinet, he should demand.

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The new work zeroed in on a different area of the brain — the posterior parietal cortex — that’s involved in the planning of movements. The hope is that this strategy will lead to smoother motions.

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“We suspect that the basic social protection was still very helpful to them but not sufficient to protect these women,” she said. “They still tend to be poorer than married mothers and it may be that their work situations were challenging and that their extended families were not as supportive as those in Southern European countries.”

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"I'd noticed several instances of people wasting water, like crazy, dumb stuff - water leaking everywhere from sprinklers or car dealerships washing cars every day," Estes told BBC Trending. "I didn't really know how to report it to the city or water depot so this was the best I could come up with."

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By looking at images of the star before it exploded, it's possible though to identifythe parent star, if that's what caused the supernova. However, for these pre-supernova identifications to be possible,the supernova would have to be occurring in our own galaxy or at similar distances, since these type Ia explosions are so rare.

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Citing witness accounts in Unity state, the watchdog group reported Thursday that fighters in South Sudan military uniforms — and others in civilian clothing —have attacked villages using axes, machetes and guns.

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The government said in a statement Thursday that bids from David Neeleman, who founded Brazil's third-largest airline Azul, and from German Efromovich, owner of Colombia's Avianca, met the technical and financial requirements of the privatization. No price was given.

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“I want to stay in a reformed Europe. As politicians we all have to face elections every five years. You have to be confident in elections in having open debate. I don’t accept the arguments some people force forward that there is a danger we might get an outcome we don’t like and it is therefore better to stifle any democratic discussion,” he said.

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Fearing disloyalty to my community, betrayal of my religion at a time when it was under a global siege and not wanting to commit psychological suicide, I never approached the Koran, never dared to open its pages for fear of reading something that I didn't like.

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Security expert Brian Krebs broke the news that a vast vault of highly personal data from mSpy customers had been dumped on the so-called dark web - an area of the internet that cannot be reached by traditional search engines.

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The researchers also found for the first time that some people are born with genes which predispose them to prostate cancer, meaning that screening programmes could be effective at preventing the disease.

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There is nothing in the emails to suggest that Clinton was actively soliciting Blumenthal's advice or alleged intelligence information, although the documents contain few replies she may have sent to him. Her responses are polite, in one case thanking him for "useful" information.

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Briton Andy Murray, who learned his craft on Spanish claycourts but had never won a title on the surface before back-to-back successes in Munich and Madrid this year, has thrust himself into contention.

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In a study published in the Science journal, surgeons atKeck Medicine of the University of Southern California placed apair of small electrode arrays into Sorto's posterior parietalcortex, or PPC.

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Nationally, travel is expected to increase by 4.7 percent compared to last year’s Memorial Day holiday, with 37.2 million travelers expected, compared to 35.5 million in 2014. Car travel is expected to rise by 5.3 percent to 33 million, while air travel is expected to rise 2.5 percent this year to 2.6 million.

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European regulators apparently don’t think that their pilots get tired either. Despite a recent rule change, most of Europe allows pilots to fly up to 15 hours a day and there are occasions where a pilot could be landing a plane full of passengers after having been awake for 22 hours

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The Western coalition's bombing campaign has clearly hurt IS where it could. But it could never compensate for ground forces which are not competent, equipped or motivated enough to stand firm and hit back.

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Russia has been critical of closer ties between Sweden and NATO, which staged one of its biggest-ever anti-submarine exercises in the North Sea in early May, inviting Sweden to join in for the first time.

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At this point, the Democratic candidate has virtually no chance of winning the White House. But don't dismiss his ability to influence this pivotal economic debate by preventing frontrunner Hillary Clinton from tacking too far to the center.

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A June 3 email from said the Libyan regime had "opened extremely complicated negotiations with the government of the United Kingdom" over a deal that would allow the Gaddafis "to maintain some level of control" in Libya.

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Residents of Freiburg have eco-friendly homes and minimise car use. The football stadium is solar-powered, hydro-power is generated locally or imported, and areas of the old city centre have been pedestrianized with miles of cycle lanes created.

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Russia’s Lukoil already operates a number of oil fields in Basra, and Russian companies were involved in Iraq for decades during the rule of Saddam Hussein. Russia opposed the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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The Very Rev Albert Bogle, a former moderator, explained that he hoped the Church would “journey together in consensus and understanding”. “We have travelled a huge way”, he stated and, referring to civil partnerships, insisted that “we cannot say that one kind of relationship is better than another.” However, he moved a counter-motion to defer consideration of the issue until 2017, allowing the Theological Forum to compile a report.

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When Arsenal played Chelsea, they knew that Giroud couldn’t hurt them behind so they were able to get tight. Arsenal need pace to give them another option – just as Danny Welbeck did in the FA Cup at Man United. Giroud has had a good season but some extra pace would certainly make them more dynamic.

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If the pipeline company's "worst-case" estimate of its oilrelease holds up, it would mark the biggest in the region sincea 1969 offshore oil well blowout that dumped 80,000 to 100,000barrels of crude petroleum into the Santa Barbara channel andstands as the largest spill ever in California waters.

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She was supporting her husband Wayne Rooney at the Manchester United Player of the Year Awards, but Coleen Rooney scored on the style front in an elegant lace overlay dress for the occasion. Back of the net

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A joint statement from Lancashire Police, the university and local council and NHS, said that while full forensic tests will now be carried out to try to establish exactly what the substance was, at this stage they cannot confirm whether any criminal offences have been committed.

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Half of the participants said they did not suffer with nightmares at all, however, almost 4% said that they had experienced frequent nightmares during the previous 30 days, while 45% said they had experienced nightmares occasionally during the same period.

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Under the agreement, the Government has pledged to increase its investment in providing GP services to children under the age of six to €67 million - an 81% increase on the €37 million originally identified by Government, according to the IMO.

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Under pressure from NHTSA, Takata agreed this week to add about 17 million air bags to existing recalls, covering both the passenger and driver's side. The recalls of passenger-side air bags, previously limited to high-humidity states along the Gulf Coast, are now expanded nationwide by 10.2 million vehicles. A nationwide recall of driver's side air bags was expanded to include an additional 7.9 million vehicles.

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Welcome to the next-generation. The Xbox One requires that you install games to your HDD, but apparently it’s an arduous process for most launch buyers of the new console. Social media has been lighting up with reports of slow installs...

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The VA has said it needs another $830 million to finish the project as designed and wanted to siphon the money from a fund Congress set up to resolve another scandal, long wait times for veterans to get health care.

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The jacket is the stand-out piece here with its embellished detail, but when you see something this unique you know it's going to cost you. At just over 4k, Cara's jacket really will set you back. But is it worth it? Of course it is If you or your bank balance don't agree, see our much more purse-friendly options below. Naturally, you can't get something that cool on the high street, but you can work the belted biker trend instead.

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The company, which has been mining at Kimberley for morethan a century, said it had invested in the mine to 2018 andthat the new owners would need only stay-in-business capital,potentially extending life of the mine to 2030.

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This color-priority thing creates a caste system, because every badge color represents a different relationship to time. Blues and yellows spend a large part of the day waiting in their respective lines. Pinks are all but guaranteed access, even if they arrive only five minutes before a screening starts. Within a few days, you realize that it’s difficult to socialize with people who don’t share your badge color. Here, as in Toronto, there’s a contingent of critics who can be identified by the fact that they wear their badges on the leopard-spotted lanyards of the Locarno Film Festival—a form of subcultural identification, as dorky as the shouts of “Raoul” that precede every screening at the Salle Debussy.

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In the past, several studies, veterinarians and trainers have proved that dogs have the ability to detect a number of things, like an earthquake that is about to start or changing weather, or more complex things like when someone is about to have a seizure, when someone suffers from cancer, or when someone is close to dying.

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On this week's Daily News Yankees Podcast, beat writer Mark Feinsand sits down with Yankees starter Chris Capuano to discuss his first start of the season and what it's like to spend six weeks on the DL to open the year.

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