Nationally, travel is expected to increase by 4.7 percent compared to last year’s Memorial Day holiday, with 37.2 million travelers expected, compared to 35.5 million in 2014. Car travel is expected to rise by 5.3 percent to 33 million, while air travel is expected to rise 2.5 percent this year to 2.6 million.
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May 21 (Reuters) - Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc said Chief Executive Robert Lynch had unexpectedly resigned,nearly three months after a report alleged that the companysourced flooring laminates with harmful levels of a knowncarcinogen.
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A June 3 email from said the Libyan regime had "opened extremely complicated negotiations with the government of the United Kingdom" over a deal that would allow the Gaddafis "to maintain some level of control" in Libya.
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She has a chance to be the second American-born player to play for Russia’s national team in the Olympics. Becky Hammon played in the last two Olympics for Russia and also the 2010 world championship. Prince became a naturalized citizen in 2010.
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He was spotted in Brooklyn as recently as Wednesday night, Michael Czin, a spokesman for the D.C. mayor, told the Associated Press. Police in D.C. pinged his girlfriend's cell phone and picked her up at a Brooklyn restaurant, police sources said. She's being questioned at the 69th precinct, sources said.
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"If you look at spending power, more than 50% of the population find it difficult to buy a new car if they don't have an adequate source of financing," he says. "But there's another problem - we have a huge part of the labour force which works in the informal economy, and they can't access financing either."
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Though they insist their eastern policy is not directed against Russia, big EU powers are wary of provoking President Vladimir Putin by making big gestures toward Moscow's former vassals -- a hesitation that frustrates some newer EU members.
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A joint statement from Lancashire Police, the university and local council and NHS, said that while full forensic tests will now be carried out to try to establish exactly what the substance was, at this stage they cannot confirm whether any criminal offences have been committed.
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"Given the prevalence of depression in these victims, we need to prevent these situations and take action. These acts of violence do more than leave physical damage, they leave psychological scars as well," Prof Arseneault added.
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Welcome to the next-generation. The Xbox One requires that you install games to your HDD, but apparently it’s an arduous process for most launch buyers of the new console. Social media has been lighting up with reports of slow installs...
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The VA has said it needs another $830 million to finish the project as designed and wanted to siphon the money from a fund Congress set up to resolve another scandal, long wait times for veterans to get health care.
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Like-for-like revenues at Rank’s Mecca clubs slid 5pc last year and 3pc in 2013. But the latest figures from the FTSE 250 company show the decline has been halted, with flat like-for-like revenues for the 20 weeks to May 17, an improvement on the 1pc fall reported at the half-year point.
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A separate source, from the auto industry, said that each of the three carmakers was prepared to chip in up to 700 million euros ($780 million) but that the percentage stakes of each manufacturer was not yet fixed.
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The Mets play a day game today, which is a good thing because we don't have to wait around all day to see the Mets get crushed and we don't have to waste a Thursday evening watching the Mets get crushed.
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This color-priority thing creates a caste system, because every badge color represents a different relationship to time. Blues and yellows spend a large part of the day waiting in their respective lines. Pinks are all but guaranteed access, even if they arrive only five minutes before a screening starts. Within a few days, you realize that it’s difficult to socialize with people who don’t share your badge color. Here, as in Toronto, there’s a contingent of critics who can be identified by the fact that they wear their badges on the leopard-spotted lanyards of the Locarno Film Festival—a form of subcultural identification, as dorky as the shouts of “Raoul” that precede every screening at the Salle Debussy.