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"The PPC is a rich source of signals that can be used todetermine the goals of a paralyzed subject," said Andersen."These signals can be used to control 'smart' robotics andcomputers that can work out the details of movement of externaldevices such as a robotic limb."

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Meanwhile the survey also noted that three in four women were not given a patient satisfaction form to fill out after they had their baby. Among those who did receive one, most filled it in while still requiring maternity care. This is not best practice, AIMS Ireland noted.

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The rap world reeled with grief and fear of escalating violence yesterday after Brooklyn gangsta rap superstar Biggie Smalls was shot dead in Los Angeles, six months after his archrival Tupac Shakur fell in a storm of bullets.

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"Our message is not not to go to nail salons. Our message is to make sure that workers' rights are being protected, that their safety is being protected, that consumers know what kinds of rights and responsibility they have as well."

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According to Factom president Peter Kirby, this country had "built a database of all their land title records and some bureaucrats got hold of that and they started giving themselves beachfront property".

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He said: “I talked about the fact that the idols that we had built our society on, the idols of materialism, of wealth, had toppled, had been toppled by the recession after the great crisis of 2008 and that as the idols were toppled the only thing that was left were the eternal values.