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The Knicks weren't expecting a star in 2011 picking at No. 17 — but they could have found one. Kenneth Faried was fresh off leading the country in rebounding at Morehead State and, as a New Jersey native, had the fans beating the drum hard for his selection.
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It is common practice for politicians to turn up at funerals and then queue up to give long speeches that neither eulogise the dead nor console the bereaved, but instead promote their agenda and attack opponents.
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Liverpool have also made big mistakes. For years the club has failed to show enough ambition and they are counting the cost. Liverpool have successively lost their best players over the past few years so surely, the argument goes, they need to draw a line in the sand, dig in their heels, take a stand?
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The inventory of unsold homes on the market increased 10percent from March to 2.21 million units. However, supply wasdown 0.9 percent from a year ago. At April's sales pace, itwould take 5.3 months to clear houses from the market, up from4.6 months in March.
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Currently in Ireland, as many as one in seven couples have fertility issues, and according to Dr Ahmed Omar, medical director at Beacon Care Fertility in Dublin, hormonal imbalance is ‘extremely common' and can have a ‘very significant impact on fertility'.
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“That was frustrating that we didn’t qualify, but I know we have a good chance this time,” said Prince. “I play in the winter with a lot of their national team players so we know each other much better now.”
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Some would argue that the UK's putative economic success is due in part to a more deregulated economy, smaller welfare state and lower tax burden than in France - but those putative British virtues arguably tend to create the conditions for a widening in the gap between rich and poor.
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I chose this route as I had been working in Shoreditch for the previous couple of weeks but other than that, hadn't visited the area for a while. I was struck by a couple of things - firstly the level of development going on and secondly the disproportional number of barber shops - but then I guess somebody has to cater for the maintenance of all those 'big' beards.
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — The Obama administration offered Thursday to extend Florida's hospital funds for another two years, but only at about half the amount the state received last year — a deal that might help fill a $1 billion state budget hole and resolve a legislative stalemate.
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On Tuesday Takata doubled the size of its recall to 33.8 million air bags, making it the largest recall in U.S. history. The air bags can inflate with too much force, sending metal shrapnel into drivers and passengers. So far the problem has caused six deaths, including five in the U.S.
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One of the truck drivers, Murat Kislakci, was quoted as saying the cargo he carried on Jan. 19 was loaded from a foreign plane at Ankara airport and that he had carried similar shipments before. Reuters was unable to contact Kislakci.
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“There’s no doubt there will be billions of devices online, but a lot of IoT systems are verylightweight in terms of network traffic, just sending short, chatty, low-bandwidth bursts of data,”said Penrose.
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"You already know why we're here," Blankfein said on thesidelines when asked why the bank chose to hold its meeting inSan Francisco, given the region's strong focus onentrepreneurship. "I'm not going to waste any time telling youwhile we're here."
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In January fellow Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt, sentenced for firearms offences, had a parole request rejected. There had been an outcry after he was let out of prison to finish a number of films while serving his sentence.
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"The eurozone is set up that once you are in, you can't get out," said Morgan Creek's Yusko. "Germany cannot afford to let them drop out because then the [euro] would strengthen and that would hit the German economy."
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In December, the U.S. Department of Justice filed another lawsuit against Omnicare alleging that it received millions of dollars in kickbacks from Abbott Laboratories in exchange for buying and recommending the prescription anti-seizure drug Depakote for controlling behavior problems in nursing home patients with dementia.
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According to young developer Eric Cervini, most social networking and dating apps that cater to the LGBTQ community rigidly categorize their users by gender identity, sexual orientation and physical appearance.
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Germany has opened the door to a grand bargain and possible treaty changes to prevent Britain pulling out of the European Union, a risk deemed calamitous for German interests and for the long-term stability of the EU.
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City of Miami politicians have already rejected two applications for a stadium on the waterfront and a proposal was made to temporarily house Beckham's MLS team at Florida International University. A site near Marlins Park was recently suggested.
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"On working-class terraces, it was common for women to scrub the kerb with a donkey stone [traditional scouring block] as it was very much about keeping up appearances. If you don't know your street as well, you're not going to be as concerned about having a well kept front lawn."
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The Icelandic creation was first introduced in 2013 as a trivia gaming app, but its founder has decided to evolve the app into a social platform where people can discover new friends and interests.
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Emerging markets had fallen out of favor heading into 2015,as investors acted on concerns that the whole group could behurt by a strengthening dollar, falling commodity prices andexpected Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. Countries such asBrazil and Turkey, which have a big portion of their debtdenominated in dollars, are hurt as a stronger dollar makes it more expensive to repay their debt.
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"It doesn't have to be a Champions league club. I've played in the competition before, it's the best competition in the world but it's not the first criteria," he said.
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Global intelligence firm Stratfor said in a note onThursday: "The Saudis, for their part, will not have to choosebetween intercepting the vessel and maintaining the legitimacyof their naval blockade on Yemen, since the Iran Shahed willhave been inspected by a neutral party." (Editing by Alison Williams)
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The update gives live-stream videos a giant boost in clarity and smoothness. When played in high definition, 60 frames per second (fps) video footage resembles real-life motion. For video gamers, YouTube says this also means "silky smooth playback."
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After that I might drive into the village and get all the newspapers. They’re always surprised by the huge pile I buy and ask if I’m going to read them all. No, no, I say, I just read the books pages. Then we all laugh together.
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I’m excited about what a "yes" vote could mean, but I’m not naive. I know that having the right to marry won’t "fix" everything for gay people. It won’t mean homophobia gets chucked into the Irish Sea for good. It won’t mean people suddenly stop calling things ‘gay’ when they actually mean something is bad/stupid/lame.
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Look into professional groups in your area. Toastmasters can help you develop public speaking skills and your professional contacts at the same time. Eventbrite and MeetUp advertise local in-person networking opportunities. Also, don't underestimate the power of social events. You can always create a connection that turns professional if you hit it off with someone.
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An international teamof astronomers from Europe, Israel and the United States hassucceeded in shedding light on the origin of Type la supernovae —powerful nuclear explosions in deep space that allow us to chart thevast distances between galaxies. It is known that a white dwarf staris responsible for creating the distinctive, intensely brightexplosion, but the cause of the supernovae are still a topic of hotdebate.
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“You have got to keep your eye on the consequences of any changes you could make. The NFU has made some suggestions and these will all be weighed in the normal way but it is too early make any clear decisions,” Mr Eustice said.
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"In the 1024-bit case, we estimate that such computations are plausible given nation-state resources, and a close reading of published NSA leaks shows that the agency's attacks on VPNs [virtual private networks] are consistent with having achieved such a break," they wrote.
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"For example, Denmark is considering legislation which would remove the requirement for merchants to accept cash payments, which if passed could be implemented from as early as January 2016. The world of payments is changing rapidly and cash payments are no exception."
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The sanctions came after a senior Israeli official took aswipe at the United States over Iran's purchase of usedcommercial planes in the past three months, which he said tookplace even after Israeli intelligence flagged the pending salesto the Obama administration.
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And then one of the strangest nights of socialising I've ever experienced began. Basically we sat alone in a bar, with a crew of burly camera men watching, while I suffered the company of my increasingly incoherent brother as he consumed three quarters of a bottle of vodka.
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Emma says: "I was prescribed steroids to take on the day before, the day of and the day after having chemo. I woke up at 2am after the first dose and ate several huge slices of cake. This continued for about 20 hours a day for three days during each cycle. My appetite was insatiable."
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There’s little to see from a speeding car window except the road, others cars and the back of dad and mum’s head. Instead play I-don’t-Spy, as in “I don’t spy with my little eye something beginning with P”, where the p is then capable of being anything in the known universe unobservable from your car. Our kids once spend two full (I wouldn’t say pleasant, but tolerable) hours guessing the word armadillo. The pub sign game also works. Split your family into two halves - one on the right-hand side of the car, the other on the left. Now each time you pass a pub whichever team is sitting on the nearest side to it is awarded points according to how many legs are in its sign eg the White Horse scores 4, the Jolly Sailor two points. If it all gets too much, stop in at one, have a stiff drink then insist your partner takes their turn at wheel. The kids will still moan but you just won’t care as much.
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— James Edgar has had an interest in the night sky all his life. He joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 2000 and is now the society’s president, assistant editor and a contributor to the Observer’s Handbook, production manager of the bi-monthly RASC Journal. He was given the RASC Service Award at the 2012 General Assembly in Edmonton.
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The Queen honoured Adeane with a CVO, the Prince of Wales appointed him an Extra Equerry – which involved occasionally representing the Prince at Royal Household memorial services – and he returned to the Bar. He was probably not surprised that after his departure there was a succession of private secretaries who remained in office for very short periods.
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Daron Dylon Wint, 34, did not commit a "random" crime and may have worked for Savvas Savopoulos, the slain 46-year-old CEO of a construction company, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters.
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Irina Pavlova, speaking Thursday at a Leaders in Sport conference in London, was asked about Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan being associated with terrorism because of his Pakistani background, and whether Prokhorov had experienced anything similar as a Russian owner in the U.S.
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