Internships often come with several supervisors who each want something different from you — similar to your separate professors and assignments. "When you're getting assigned a lot of work, don't be afraid to ask: 'When do you want this done by?'" Berger says, because then you can prioritize according to deadline.

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Probably the harshest criticism aimed directly for the star's talent. "She was definitely not the class clown; none of us remember her being funny," her former schoolmate shared. With humor being subjective and “Bridemaids” being really funny, this claim may have to go into the fiction pile.

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Lots of politicians talk about the widening gap between the rich and the poor, but Sanders is the 2016 presidential candidate offering the most aggressive -- and some would say radical -- plans to narrow the gap.

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The research was triggered by a series of patient complaints about the services being offered to patients throughout the county, both by GPs and at hospitals such as The Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and Whitehaven’s West Cumberland Hospital.

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