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Because they are one of the most useful signatures for differentiating human voices, the researchers first looked at whether different whales made upcalls with obviously different "formants". Formants are the loudest frequencies in the stack of harmonics within a sound. It is formants that create the different vowel sounds in human speech.

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Representatives at the Kirk’s General Assembly in Edinburgh, who voted on Saturday to give congregations the opportunity to appoint gay clergy in civil partnerships, made a decision to only extend this to those in same-sex marriages if a vote of the church’s 45 presbyteries accepts this outcome.

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He said: "I think it's a sad culmination of someone who has told a catalogue of lies. I think the sentence is a severe sentence but I think it is appropriate. It reflects the seriousness of the offence. "

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Molinari, whose brother Edoardo retired with a wrist injury after playing 16 holes in eight over, was joint second in the Spanish Open last week and has an excellent record at Wentworth, having finished seventh, ninth and seventh the last three years.

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