In the letter, described as "the bitter nurse confession" by Chua, he said he was "an angel turned into an evil person" and "there's a devil in me". He also wrote of having things he would "take to the grave".

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Ofcourse, theEuropean Union might not feel ready toundertake this extremely ambitious anddifficult plan. But it is worth remembering that, inglobal politics, ideas andpromises often carry as much, andsometimes even more weight than actions.

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"Nadal has shown some weakness this year, both physically and mentally, that we just haven't seen from him, and I think that's turned the light on in the locker room for some other players," U.S. Davis Cup captain Jim Courier, a two-time French Open champion in the 1990s, said in a telephone interview. "There are players now who think they can get him, and I don't know that, other than maybe Novak, that was necessarily the case before."

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Unfortunately, these regulations don’t apply to pilots of cargo airlines. When a FedEx or UPS plane, or one of many smaller cargo airlines that you’ve probably never heard of, flies overhead, chances are very good that those pilots are half asleep or worse (hopefully, they haven’t actually fallen asleep in the cockpit).

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The State of New York licenses salons, and, while the New York City has limited jurisdiction over labor and wage laws, it is executing a number of actions within its jurisdiction to address these allegations. The de Blasio administration is collaborating with City officials who had previously worked on the issue. The new legislation package will be introduced in the Assembly and Senate simultaneously. The State Department will have for the first time the power to close down unlicensed salons and increase violations fines. Governor Cuomo’s proposal, announced Monday, also creates a trainee class of workers, enabling employees to work toward their legal and upfront license.

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Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook led the second team, joined by Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge, the Clippers’ Chris Paul, Chicago’s Pau Gasol and Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins. The third team was the Clippers’ Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, San Antonio’s Tim Duncan, Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving and Golden State’s Klay Thompson.