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All of this boils down to what's at stake at the U.S. Capitol. The USCP isn't just another law enforcement agency. Unattended firearms winding up in the wrong hands inside the Capitol would result in mayhem and carnage - trumped only by staggering political upheaval.
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With 45p per 1 of student loans currently not repaid, a leading academic think tank has warned that the Government may have little choice but to impose "tougher repayment conditions" on student borrowers as it tries to balance its books.
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in paperwork posted Thursday, says the recall involving 11 manufacturers has created a patchwork of solutions that may not fix the problem quickly enough. The agency, for the first time in its history, has started the legal process asking for input on how it can control production, delivery and installation of replacement air bag inflators.
If the separate elements are intriguing, the whole is just astonishing. Palmyra is full of cool, shadowed corners and walls, where you can go to be alone with the ghosts of the place. As visitors to other ancient monuments will know, this is a rare treat. Our small group stayed for a whole afternoon, dazzled by the peace and beauty. As the sun went down on the colonnades, and the long shadows of camels fell on the fallen monuments, we knew we were in a special corner of the world.
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Of course he's in a total panic. A team that looked unbeatable about 5 weeks ago, looks downright awful now. The Mets are only five games over .500 and with the Cards today and 3 in the Burgh this weekend, well ...
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