It's called trailer "backup assist," essentially allowing drivers to back up their trucks while keeping an eye on their trailers with a single knob. It's based on some of the same engineering that went into creation of Ford's self-parking system for cars.

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That's not something that can be said about director Gaspar Noe, whose new film "Love" brings graphic sex — in myriad positions and permutations, in twosomes, threesomes and groups — to the Cannes Film Festival.

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Instead of being free to travel home from Israel on any bus heading to the West Bank, the workers would have been required to return only on buses which went back to the checkpoint where they entered Israel - thus denying them access to shared buses which do not go to the checkpoints.

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By removing his political rivals, bolstering his credentials as the country's top military leader, and fostering a sense of crisis with the outside world, he may be trying to rally the domestic elite and mass opinion ever closer around his leadership.

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"Some of the best returns in stock markets come from when the things are truly miserable, and turn slightly less bad, so we actually kind of like it when there is negative geopolitical news," said Meb Faber, the co-founder of Cambria Investment Management.

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"The selection will no doubt throw up the question why the IPL performances have translated into a spot in the Test team and what did Harbhajan do in Ranji Trophy (India's domestic Test tournament) last season?" it asks.

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Even though some replacements could be defective, NHTSA is urging people to get the repairs done as soon as they get a recall notice. Replacement inflators are better than original ones because tests have shown that the chemical used to inflate the air bags, ammonium nitrate, can degrade over time and explode with too much force because of prolonged exposure to moisture in the air.

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But although discrimination against children with HIV has diminished, other prejudices remain very much alive. Adults with HIV can face ostracism. Sex workers caught carrying condoms are too often threatened with a charge of soliciting and forced to pay bribes to police. President Putin's legislation against the promotion of homosexuality encourages bigots, and makes it hard to get safe-sex advice leaflets printed.

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Scientists have long strived to make robotic arms produce movements that are as natural as possible. Previous research targeted a region of the brain known as the motor cortex, which controls movement.

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HP’s global server sales grew by just 1.6 percent to $3.9 billion during last year’s fourth quarter, according to IDC. That was in sharp contrast to fourth-ranked Lenovo, whose server revenue jumped by 748.3 percent, partly due to the addition of IBM’s x86 server business last year. Smaller ODM (original design manufacturer) vendors in China and Taiwan that make bare-bone servers and sell directly to customers in China saw their revenue grow as a group by 31.4 percent.

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In reality they are our neighbours, they could be living on the floor above you, selling you your food, or go to school with your children. If people feel they are not directly affected by this situation, they are turning a blind eye.

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Rousseff said she has full trust in Levy, who is trying topush through unpopular austerity measures to reduce Brazil'sfiscal deficit. The proposals have run into opposition frommembers of her party.

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"I was in Boots yesterday buying Calpol and happened to complain to the cashier how expensive it is. She told me, to my amazement, that if you register your details with them under the minor ailments scheme that all medicines for children are free— a scheme that has been going foreight years."

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"Throughout the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has some infrastructure that is so old, it was built and put into service when Jesse James and Butch Cassidy were still alive and robbing trains," said Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

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Rice filed a wrongful termination grievance against the Ravens and settled for $1.59 million, according to the Baltimore Sun. He was seeking $3.5 million, the amount he would have earned had he played the remaining 14 games of the 2014 regular season after being suspended for two games.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday announced a proposal to seize the wages of immigrants in the country illegally, treating them as criminal proceeds, as part of a crackdown designed to reduce migration into Britain.

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After graduating he joined SNIA-BDP, a large Italian chemistry group with a defence and space division, where he became involved in developing software for the ESA’s newly created “apogee kick motor”, which first saw service on the third Ariane 1 launch in June 1981, boosting the Meteosat 2 satellite into geostationary orbit, and later sent the Giotto probe on its way to meet Halley’s Comet in 1986.

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Elizabeth Rossiello, chief executive of Bitcoin remittance service BitPesa, which allows workers overseas to send money home to Kenya and Ghana for a flat fee of 3% and says it is growing its user base by 60% month-on-month, believes the shortage of payment options in Africa make it a fertile ground in which Bitcoin can grow.