It's traditional for politicians to venture into the overcrowded, stuffy Moncrieff's cafeteria in the Houses of Parliament to talk to lobby journalists who have the pleasure of working out of Westminster from time to time.
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Often we'll sandwich a new song between two old ones so as not to be be punishing, it should be entertaining. We have a lot of belief in the new songs but equally they're not ingrained in people's hearts and minds.
Travelling long distances with young children in a car minus a packet of fruit pastilles or its equivalent is like walking through a vampire-infested grave-yard in New Orleans after midnight without a wooden stake. OK, you just might survive, but why take the chance?
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There was a net loss of 56,000 British nationals in 2014, so even if you take Europe out of the equation completely – if you pretend it doesn’t exist – we still have more total net migration thanthe Conservatives want.
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We came to the collective realisation that our religious obligation is to ask questions and use our divine gift of reasoning to understand the words of God, and see how they relate to me and humanity now, then and in the future.
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