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"The first day shooting, Gaspar decided to start us off with a close-up of my genitals," Glusman said. "I was in the bathroom beforehand looking in the mirror, thinking I should escape to the airport and run back to the United States."
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Migrants onboard told the BBC's Jonathan Head that they had been stranded for a week, and that 10 people had already died. Some of them looked as if they were in need of medical attention. They were crying out for assistance.
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But promised reinforcements never arrived, and its heavy weapons were for some reason not deployed – instead, they were captured by Isil. Meanwhile, promised plans to arm a Sunni National Guard force to fight Isil have been held up by the Shia-dominated Iraqi parliament.
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Of course, Peyton — a five-time league MVP who won Super Bowl XLI while with the Colts — is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but little brother Eli did win two Super Bowls with the Giants in 2008 and 2012.
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According to a transcript provided to reporters after the sitdown, de Blasio spoke at some length about his own family's military history: His father and his wife's father both served in the Army during World War II, he noted.