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8generic ddavpAbstract thinking by biological brains has underpinned the emergence of all culture and science. But this activity – spanning tens of millennia at most – will be a brief precursor to the more powerful intellects of the inorganic post-human era. So, in the far future, it won’t be the minds of humans, but those of machines, that will most fully understand the cosmos – and it will be the actions of autonomous machines that will most drastically change our world, and perhaps what lies beyond.
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16desmopressin costAbortion is illegal in Morocco except where the woman's life or health is at risk. But in March, King Mohammed VI asked the ministries of justice and Islamic affairs and the National Human Rights Council to hold a consultation on relaxing the ban.
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23buy ddavp nasalThe OECD says that since the mid-1990s more than half of all job creation in its member states has been in non-standard work. It says that households dependent on such work have higher poverty rates than other households and that this has led to greater inequality.
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