More than 1 million in damages has been awarded to celebrities including Paul Gascoigne and Sadie Frost over phone hacking by Mirror Group Newspapers. The ex-England footballer was awarded 188,250 at the High Court and actress Frost received 260,250. Lawyers for phone-hacking victims claimed the payouts, totalling around 1.2 million, were "unparalleled". Trinity Mirror, which owns MGN, is considering an appeal, but revealed it has set aside a further 4 million to cover the cost of more claims, taking the total to 16 million.

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Those who had depression during their first interview, but not their second, also had a 66% increased risk of suffering a stroke. These findings suggest that even if treatment for depression works, the risk of suffering a stroke may still remain, at least for some time.

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Another soundtrack, for "Fifty Shades of Grey," moved into the third spot, up from No. 6, with 49,000 units. The musical companion for blockbuster "Furious 7" bumped up two places into No. 5, placing three soundtracks into the Top 5 for the first time since 2007, according to Billboard.

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"Expensive weddings are like a subprime mortgage crisis of the heart," says Laurie Essig, associate professor at Vermont's Middlebury College and "Love, Inc." columnist for the magazine Psychology Today.

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While Berlin-based Rocket sees itself as building ane-commerce operating empire, some investors see it as alaunchpad for future stock market listings of everything fromonline fashion to home furnishings to personal finance firms.

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French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that he had a"strong but reasonable optimism" of a U.N. deal being reached inDecember, partly because both China and the United States werenow committed.

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There are several other Disney cruises being offered out of New York in the fall of 2016, with rates starting at $930 per person, based on double occupancy. For more info or to book, visit, or call 888-325-2500.

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Clinton's earlier efforts to hire Blumenthal, who has spent nearly two decades working for the Clinton family, as a State Department employee had been rejected by Obama administration officials who said they feared his role spreading harsh attacks against Obama in the 2008 presidential primaries would cause discomfort among members of their new White House team.

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He writes that India's households increased by 60 million - from 187 million to 247 million - between 2001 and 2011. The number of houses went up by 81 million - from 250 million to 331 million - over the same period. In urban areas, there were 38 million new homes for 24 million new households.

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The woman said he Simons routinely beat both her and the 15-year-old before he left for work in the morning. He’d grab his walking stick, which he called the “stupid stick,” and whacked them on the arms, legs, torso and head, she said. Other times, he’d use his bare hands to batter the two, she said.

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The voyage had threatened to escalate a regional confrontation over Yemen, in which Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Muslim allies have carried out almost two months of air raids on Houthi fighters it says are armed by Shi'ite power Iran. Tehran dismisses the allegation.

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The gentleman was photographed after stripping to his birthday suit as a type of bizarre protest when he was told repeatedly he would not be allowed to board his flight to Jamaica in the Charlotte Douglas International airport Wednesday afternoon.

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