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New Temple Construction Fund Raiser

Dear FMHT Devotees

We are pleased to announce that, We have acuired the Land and are planning the construction of new temple in Flower Mound.


3131 Old Settler Road, Flower Mound, Texas (Next to Flower Mound High School)


It is 2.2 Acre surrounded by trees, centrally located and no more than 15 minutes drive from anywhere in Flower Mound Area.


new temple site

Donation Drive

We are seeking donations to kick start the construction of new temple. The donations in following four categories:

  1. Platinum: $25,000 and above
  2. Gold: $10000 to $25,000
  3. Sliver: $5,000 to $10,000
  4. Other: Donations below $5000 will be added Flower Mound to the new temple funds.

Thank you for supporting the drive.

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New Temple Construction

Donation Information