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County and city taxpayers would pay $121 million of taxes over the course of 30 years, but there will be no tax increases. Most people are probably thinking “How the hell not?” They explained that the tax money would come from each agency’s general fund.
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"The SEC is once again bringing its charges in an unconstitutional and home-cooked administrative proceeding rather than trying a case before an impartial U.S. district court and a jury of one’s peers," Weiss said on Thursday. Gray will "vigorously defend itself" in both proceedings, he added.
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The Metropolitan Police argues that being able to confiscate the proceeds of crime acts as a deterrent to "acquisitive criminals", such as burglars, because the risk that their ill-gotten gains will be seized begins to outweigh the potential monetary gains.
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Which will no doubt come as a great relief to the hundreds of thousands of people who are planning to make their way to Britain in the coming months and years, with or without a target standing in their way.
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Unfortunately, these regulations don’t apply to pilots of cargo airlines. When a FedEx or UPS plane, or one of many smaller cargo airlines that you’ve probably never heard of, flies overhead, chances are very good that those pilots are half asleep or worse (hopefully, they haven’t actually fallen asleep in the cockpit).