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Things are never that easy with Jose Mourinho. Wherever Cech ends up, Mourinho will have looked at the team closely and tried to analyse how the deal might affect Chelsea. If he can sell them to his weakest rival, that’s probably where he will end up.

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Business leaders from global and European alliances ofcompanies including Unilever, Total andSaint-Gobain also called for a global price on carbonemissions and a phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies.

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A wasp from China is the first animal found to use chemical weapons to thwart predators that might have designs on its offspring. Mothers fill part of their nest with dead ants, which give off volatile chemicals that mask the scent of larvae, throwing off would-be predators.

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The Constitutional Court halted the line's overnight use inFebruary after residents of one town complained about noise frompassing trains, cutting the line's capacity by one quarter. Theruling said, however, that the line could reopen if noise levelswere lowered.

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