He made a video letter to one of his wives, in which he says: "Know that you do fill my heart with love, beautiful memories, and your long-suffering of tense situations in order to appease me and be kind to me".

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“Warm water is moving into the channel below the ice shelf,and as a result, the ice shelf is thinning,” Wouters explains. “This ice shelf,it pushes back the glaciers on land. As the ice thins, this resisting force on theglaciers becomes less, so this allows glaciers to speed up and put more ice inthe ocean.”

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They have been struggling with the daily cost of living in a country where food, electricity, fuel and water are increasingly scarce, and have also faced the challenge of being among the more than 500,000 people displaced by the conflict.

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The security forces established a permanent presence in the neighbourhood as part of their policy to "pacify" Rio's favelas, but over the past months shootouts between drug gangs and the police have again become commonplace.

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"But you weren't taken seriously by the UK - the establishment, not the people. In '87, there were ads on the underground with artists they wouldn't play, and they included Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, myself” Why bang your head against a wall? Germany welcomed me with with open arms. I've sold something in the region of 16m records.


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Paul Reed, BP's head of trading, last month saidposition limits could cause severe stress on markets with only asmall number of participants. (Additional reporting by Dmitry Zhdannikov in London, editingby William Hardy)