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"We will be talking directly to the government of Burma about its own responsibilities to improve conditions in Rakhine state so that people don't feel that their only choice is to put their lives at risk by leaving and taking to the sea," said Antony Blinken, US deputy secretary of state.

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Takata's air bag inflators have been found to explode withtoo much force, spraying metal fragments inside cars and forcingautomakers to recall more than 53 million vehicles worldwidesince 2008. All of the deaths linked to the faulty part occurredin cars made by the supplier's top customer, Honda Motor Co.

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I’m excited about what a "yes" vote could mean, but I’m not naive. I know that having the right to marry won’t "fix" everything for gay people. It won’t mean homophobia gets chucked into the Irish Sea for good. It won’t mean people suddenly stop calling things ‘gay’ when they actually mean something is bad/stupid/lame.

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