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The woman who taught us to 'smize' (that's smile with your eyes), that we are 'flawsome' (flawed but awesome) and let's not forget, provided us with hours of entertainment thanks to America's Next Top Model is the best.
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To test the effect of Tylenol on testosterone production in the womb, the research team grafted human testicular tissue designed to mimic how testes develop and function in pregnancy into mice. The researchers gave one group of mice a typical dose of Tylenol over a 24-hour period and did the same to another group for a week.
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I once hired a GMC Suburban, which is a staggering vehicle; it’s the sort of big four-wheel wagon that Secret Service men pile out of whenever the US president goes anywhere. We went skiing as a family to Colorado, and hired one at the airport because they had a special offer on the extended-length SUV, and it was the nearest thing to driving a palace on wheels. It was packed with the latest mod cons, had several rows of leather seats, the luggage disappeared into the boot and you just had the most amazing sense of space and height.
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A third of the estimated 185,000 men who have sex with men in the Thai capital fail to use condoms or are involved in other behavior that puts them at high risk of infection, experts said in a World Bank-sponsored study.
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AQA chief executive Andrew Hall said: "We're pleased that Ofqual has recognised that our qualification works properly as an assessment - allowing us to set reliable grade boundaries which will ensure that students get the results they deserve.
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A recent analysis identified under-funded areas that could maximize the GCF's impact - in particular, investments in efficient and resilient cities, land-use management and reducing the vulnerability of small islands, the fund said.
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