But he was adamant that success in Toronto would take time and that the Maple Leafs, who finished with the NHL's fourth-worst record last season, needs to focus more on scouting, drafting and analytics in order to assemble a contending team.

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With a reputation as a wild child back in 1995, actress Drew Barrymore jumped onto his desk and did a dance before flashing her breasts at the host. "I can't thank you enough for that," Letterman said after regaining his composure.

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The Green Climate Fund aims to have ready its first set of projects for approval by its board at a meeting in November. Money is unlikely to start flowing for activities on the ground until next year, however.

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"For example, Denmark is considering legislation which would remove the requirement for merchants to accept cash payments, which if passed could be implemented from as early as January 2016. The world of payments is changing rapidly and cash payments are no exception."

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Even though the crisis is not over, with Greece inparticular still struggling and facing a possible debt default,the ECB's actions have "largely, though not totally, erased" anylingering doubt that the euro zone could survive intact, Fischersaid at a central banking conference in Portugal.

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The sanctions came after a senior Israeli official took aswipe at the United States over Iran's purchase of usedcommercial planes in the past three months, which he said tookplace even after Israeli intelligence flagged the pending salesto the Obama administration.

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Burundi's Constitution states a president can be popularly elected to a five-year terms, renewable once. Nkurunziza maintains he can run for a third term because parliament elected him for his first one. Opponents say a third term violates the Constitution and peace accords that ended a civil war.

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