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The Palais itself is built on the water, like the merchant trading center that it is. Yachts the size of three-story houses are moored behind the Palais, floating offices for larger production outfits like Arte and Red Granite. On the other side of the complex, on the Boulevard De La Croisette, stand the crowds, begging to be let in, waving handmade “Invitation S.V.P.”

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The UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust filed the proxyaccess proposal "because of McDonald's lagging performance andconcerns that McDonald's board needs to be more accountable forthese performance lapses," said Cambria Allen, the trust'scorporate governance director.

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The proxy access thresholds approved at McDonald's wouldallow groups of shareholders holding at least 3 percent ofcompany stock for at least three years to be able to listdirector candidates on company proxy materials. Supporters saidthat would give longer-term shareholders with limited resourcesmore power to hold directors accountable.