The IMO said it will be a matter for individual GPs whether to accept the terms offered in the under sixes contract. Not every GP may agree to take part in the under sixes scheme, and a rival GP organisation, the NAGP, has advised its members not to sign up for it.
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The bank ousted some executives and re-arrangedresponsibilities among its top brass on the eve of its annualshareholder meeting, putting Jain in charge of a reorganisationand cost-cutting despite criticism of his performance.
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However, Ward responded with an extraordinary attack, saying: “Carragher is a k***. Everybody knows it. Any of the criticism from current pundits or ex-Liverpool players - none of them things matter to me. It is not relevant.”
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And when this does not work, the politicians have no qualms about singing in public, out of tune and out of pitch, or stooping low to join children dancing at public events - their giant frames swinging this way and that.
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The Esa M4 competition is likely to produce two or three candidates by June this year for further detailed study. That next part of the selection process could last up to two years. A final choice could therefore emerge in 2017.
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"But I’ve known one side of Fidel and what I have left to say is he is a normal person," Gonzalez continued. "He is a friend. He's someone you can share with, you can laugh with.”