In fact, the initial impetus for that research was a slightly different problem. Microsoft was wondering what to do with all its old servers, which were less efficient and gave off more heat. The authors noted that the technology required to remotely control and reboot servers had arrived just in time to play a role in cloud computing and "big data". They envisaged apartment blocks heated by data centres in the basement, and remote "micro-data centres" placed in people's living rooms.
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As Jarvis-Smith he retired at 62, selling a house in Brunswick Square, Hove, which he and his partner had restored. He continued to commute between a thatched cottage in the Savernake Forest and a home in Les Ferres, Alpes Maritimes, where his fluent French enabled him to integrate comfortably into the community.
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"The PPC is a rich source of signals that can be used to determine the goals of a paralyzed subject," said Andersen. "These signals can be used to control 'smart' robotics and computers that can work out the details of movement of external devices such as a robotic limb."
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A Mozart overture, a Mozart piano concerto, a Brahms symphony. The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s programme was the kind people often refer to disparagingly as “meat and potatoes”, and quickly pass over in search of something more spicy.
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