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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hacking has been a phenomenon for years. But now Gaza, sealed off by a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, is getting in on the act by using the strongest link it has to the outside world - the Internet.
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On East Coast, two additional services will run for the Middlesbrough v Norwich City Championship play-off final at Wembley on Monday - 10:20 Darlington to London King's Cross and 20:05 King's Cross to Darlington, connecting with the last train to Middlesbrough.
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"It'll be dedicated to Coach K. Our kids will represent her on the baseball field," said Abdul Muhammad, the teen director of the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club, where Orozco coached before she was gunned down Wednesday.
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A restructuring plan unveiled last month to axe unprofitablebusiness lines was judged too little, too late by some investorsand to mollify them, the bank's supervisory board chairman PaulAchleitner moved late on Wednesday to revamp the managementboard.
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What Jeb said in New Hampshire on Wednesday accomplishes the same political goal, no matter what his eventual policies as president might be. (Bush isn't officially a candidate yet, of course.) His position is the same as his brother's: Agreeing to the problem but not entirely the cause.
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