Flower Mound Hindu temple needs your support. For the past 10 years, our Temple has been celebrating all important religious events and serving devotees and patrons in our beloved town of Flower Mound. The Temple has also conducted religious and language classes for several years. Like many other non-profit religious organizations, we are also impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. 

Your support via donation will be extremely helpful to run our temple operations optimally and also provide unparalleled devotee experience. No amount is small. Please type in the other amount option in the form below to help your local temple.   

If you wish to do Archana (for you and your immediate family members), please select $21.00 option for Archana in the form below. Also send email to contactus@fmhtcc.org with name, gothra and nakshatra information at least 2 hours before the event starts. If you are a senior citizen and/or facing economic hardship, please let us know when you email so the archana payment can be waived. 

If you are sponsor for all temple events, by default, sankalpa and archana will be performed by our priest on your behalf. 

Donor information


Donation Information